Tons of Add-ons Available

Thanks to WPBakery Page Builder API it is really easy to extend WPBakery Page Builder by creating your own unique add-on which can even be sold on CodeCanyon in order to get some extra cash. WPBakery started to promote add-on business in the early 2014 and soon enough we experienced first independent add-on to enter CodeCanyon. At the beginning of 2015 there are 120+ independent add-ons on the market which are made exclusively for WPBakery Page Builder which takes us to completely different level and ensures that there is everything you may need for your WordPress site.

If we take a look at the facts – the most popular add-on for WPBakery Page Builder has been sold 8000+ times and will soon hit mark of 10k direct sales on CodeCanyon just within 1 year and this is just one success story. There are plenty of successful add-ons with amazing functionality available on CodeCanyon and their numbers are growing.