Single Image

Image Element

WPBakery Page Builder allows easily adding single image from Media Library and style it to fit your WordPress site. 

Single Image Options

WPBakery Page Builder Single Image content element allows adding simple image to your WordPress website. Image and graphics is an essential of any website this is why WPBakery Page Builder offers easy way to add images to your pages. Thanks to multiple styling options like square, roundness and more you can easily adapt images to your website. Controls alignment, size and other parameters of images though easy to use single image parameter window. You can even add predefined CSS animations to make your images noticeable.

In addition WPBakery Page Builder offers Image Filters option which allows you instantly apply Instagram style filters to your images so they become even more appealing. With Image Filters option you don’t need expensive tools and knowledge of Photoshop to facelift photos. Now everything can be done with the single click.

Control mouse hover/onclick effects to open images in new tab, lightbox or apply zoom function which is great for product description pages. And if you wish, you can even specify image source as featured image or external image. Below you can see few examples of single image styles and options applied to images.

WPBakery Page Builder Single Image with Zoom effect
WPBakery Page Builder Single Image with Zoom effect
Camera in Hands
Image borders
Single Image
Image with animation

Want Some More?

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