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WordPress User Access Support

Whenever you have a team to deal with your WordPress site you are looking into options to divide their access in order to control roles within your organization. WPBakery Page Builder has a simple user access controls which allows defining which elements are available for the certain roles. By managing roles though WPBakery Page Builder we are able to make sure that no complex content elements are available for average user who is responsible for content management.

But let’s look at example – imagine you have a WordPress page as a blog for your company and you have several contributors for your blog. By using WPBakery Page Builder you have created a good looking layout for your blog pages and don’t want “no IT” people to change your beautiful design. In such case you can easily disable most of the elements for certain user role and leave only those which are crucial for blogging, like text block, video and images. Your bloggers now won’t be able to create tabs, rows and other elements that can significantly impact the look of your layout so you can focus on your other business goals without worrying about your company blog design.