Hover Box

Hover Box

A dynamic block with two states that react on mouse hover to catch user’s attention.

Hover Box and States

Hover box allows you to create interactive blocks that react on the mouse hover effect. This is a perfect element to represent portfolio items, team members, services or any other blocks that require attention grabber.

WPBakery Page Builder Hover Box

Description for the Block

This is a hover part of the Hover Box element. It will contain a paragraph that determines the height of your box. You can set your custom image and select custom background color for the hover block.

In addition, you can use Custom heading for block titles to set font color, family and other parameters available to the Custom Heading element.

Want more? Add a button to your hover state to allow customers instantly order your goods or get more information.

Dynamic Effect

Why to Use it?

Dynamic interactions have been awesome attention grabbers in web design industry. Hover Box is not an exception, it offers you and easy-to-use way on how to provide a response to your customer’s actions.

Multiple research shows that interaction leads to a higher conversion rate and better ranking in terms of UX. Most users of the websites are looking for the blocks that will interact with them and ask to stay. 

If you consider having interactive blocks, it is a good way to start. 

Want Some More?

Why don’t you test it yourself? You are only one click away from your personal demo which allow you to access of the elements and see how easy it is to work with WPBakery Page Builder Page Builder for WordPress.