WPBakery Page Builder Features

WPBakery Page Builder page builder has rich set of features and tools available to you out of the box. There is all you have ever looked for to take your WordPress site to the next level.

Features, Options and Tools Available Out of the Box

Design Options

Design Options and Styling

Control how elements look with new Design Options. Set borders, margins, paddings and background with few simple clicks. Use color panel and alpha to enhance your design. Create up to date design solutions easily.

Responsive design

Responsive Design and Mobile Friendly

Your content will look good on both desktop and mobile sites. Take full control over responsive design – define column size, offsets and display options. Instantly check out how your content is displayed.


Template System

Copy or reuse existing pages. Save templates for later use. Build posts by using 40+ pro looking pre-defined layouts from WPBakery team.


Map 3rd Party Shortcodes

No more shortcode copy/paste. Add any third party shortcode to the list of VC menu elements for reuse. Edit params, values and description.

custom post types

Page, Post and Custom Post Type Support

Works with any post type… Yes, custom post types works too.

WordPress theme

Use with Any WordPress Theme

WPBakery Page Builder works with any properly coded WordPress theme meaning that if your theme is developed according to WordPress codex (and it should be) then there are no problems to use WPBakery Page Builder there.


Easily Extendable

Third party developers please join the party! Create your own plugins for WPBakery Page Builder for your themes or for sale on CodeCanyon.


Manage CSS Easily

If you ever need additional styling you can use different methods for applying custom CSS to any WPBakery Page Builder content element with ease.

Object Oriented Code

Object Oriented Code

WPBakery Page Builder is using best programming patterns to get best results for your site.

WordPress User Roles

User Roles Access Controls

Administrators can control what elements are available for certain user groups.

WordPress multisite

Multisite Support

WPBakery Page Builder works perfectly with WordPress multisite.

Skin Builder

WordPress Skin Builder

With inbuilt Skin Builder you can easily overwrite visual settings of your WordPress theme if you wish. Of course you can also reset those settings at any time.

qTranslate and WPML

mqTranslate and WPML Compatible

WPBakery Page Builder is compatible with mqTranslate and WPML. Build multilanguage websites with WPBakery Page Builder.

Grid Elements

Grid and Carousel Elements

WPBakery Page Builder has 40+ predefined grid templates for displaying posts, page, custom post types and media in grid or masonry grid. Don’t like predefined templates? Create your own grid element by using Grid Builder.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce Compatibile

Running an Woo Commerce powered e-shop? No problem – WPBakery Page Builder is fully compatible with Woo Commerce. Plus now – all of the Woo Commerce shortcodes are available in WPBakery Page Builder Element Menu once you have both plugins installed.


Predefined Layout Templates

Don’t like designing layouts? No problem, because WPBakery Page Builder has 40+ predefined layout templates to offer you out of the box. Create pro looking layouts with just 1 click!

parallax background

Parallax Background Sections

Parallax background allows adding parallax to your row to create more beautiful layout. It can be combined with Design Options of row as well and use transparent images.

video background

Video Background

Video background allows setting YouTube video in a row background to create a stunning effect. Moreover it is possible to combine video background with parallax effect.

image filters feature

Image Filters

Image Filter option available in Media Library allows applying filters to images and use them in any WPBakery Page Builder element which allows image adding from Media Library. 20+ well crafted filters allows easily insert beautiful images.

Element Presets

Element Presets

You can save element parameter settings to create a new element. Create element templates for even better site building experience with WPBakery Page Builder. Access your elements via Add Element window.

Template Library

Download free premium class templates from WPBakery Page Builder Template Library. A repository of multi-purpose templates available for free to direct license owners. Now you can build you page in seconds.

Want Some More?

Why don’t you test it yourself? You are only one click away from your personal demo which allow you to access of the elements and see how easy it is to work with WPBakery Page Builder Page Builder for WordPress.