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Ready to Use Content Elements

With 40+ content elements out of the box WPBakery Page Builder allows you start building your WordPress page on the go. Once you enter Backend or Frontend editor modes you will have menu option with predefined elements available. Each of the content element is well crafted piece of design with tons of editing options to change or simply tune it to make sure it fits your desired web design style perfectly.

Among WPBakery Page Builder content elements you will find simple ones like buttons and text block to build essentials of your page and ending up with complex content elements like accordions, tabs and tours which allows you to quickly manipulate with layout of your WordPress page and build truly unique design which will serve your business purposes well.

Another important thing to mention is that all content elements of WPBakery Page Builder are presented in the form of shortcodes, because it is native way on how to work with WordPress and we do trust in WordPress a lot. While some page builders store their layout in metadata we believe that presenting layout as a set of shortcodes gives our customers options to manipulate with them in a more native way and also integrate 3rd party solutions in a more friendly and easy way.