Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Facebook ‘Like’, Twitter ‘Tweet’ and Pinterest ‘Pin It’ buttons for WordPress site by WPBakery Page Builder.

Using Social Media Buttons

We can not image our website without having social media buttons which allows ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ of your content on different social networks. WPBakery Page Builder offers 4 basic social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Each of the button elements contains all original variations of social network buttons which can be added to your WordPress website at any place. There are also plenty of other social media buttons and options available for you through WPBakery Page Builder addons developed by independent vendors.

Examples below demonstrates common practices of using social media buttons to ensure high customer engagement.


How to Benefit from Social Networks

Social networks in combination with social media buttons allows your website visitors instantly mention your resources to attract potential leads.

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Content Elements for Social Media

You are free to use social media buttons of 4 most popular social networks, but you can also easily add your own social networks via our API, Shortcode Mapper or 3rd party addons developed by top notch web design professionals.

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What You Must Allow to Share

Focus on the most interesting and engaging information available on your website and make sure to instantly offer sharing this information on social networks which are relevant to your business.

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Want Some More?

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