Predefined Layout Templates

A lot of users constantly struggle when it comes to building initial layout of┬átheir WordPress page. While for someone this is lack of time others just are not sure on how to display their page content. This is where WPBakery Page Builder comes in place to help them out. We are all familiar with content elements available out of the box, but how about whole layouts based on those content elements. Yes, WPBakery Page Builder has a bunch of pro looking and well structured predefined layout templates which can be added to your page with just one click. All users have to do is just replace images, text or any other editable content and they will get their own WordPress page with their unique content. No more worries on where and how to put columns, how to divide layout, just a simple “click and use” approach.

At the moment WPBakery Page Builder offers 40+ predefined layout templates which is enough to choose from even if you are a pro web designer. This will simply make your life even more easier with WPBakery Page Builder and as we all know – WPBakery Page Builder is all about making your life easier and saving time.

For pro web developers and theme developers WPBakery Page Builder of course offers quick and easy way on how to extend and manage predefined layout templates to come up with the changes they wish or new layouts they feel will change the world.